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Did your Server Raid or NAS Raid fail? NicoGroup Data Recovery with decades of experience in the field of complex data recovery can help. To find out if we can help keep calm and talk to a friendly knowledgeable “Techie” from NicoGroup Data Recovery today.


24/7 we offer support by phone, text, WhatsApp, email and chat. Did you know we answer most emails in under 10 minutes? Several Data Recovery Engineers from Germany based in Belfast, UK will do their best to get your Server or NAS raid data recovered. We offer several Raid Data Recovery Services from same day up to 30 days to fit your budget.


We are efficiently able to recover your data from the below mentioned causes of Server and NAS data losses:


  • Damaged or Lost Server Configurations

  • Failed Software or Operating System Upgrade

  • Corrupt or Damaged Partition Table

  • Drive Not Booting - Missing or Deleted File/Directory

  • Inaccessible Drive(s)

  • Clicking Drive(s)

  • Damaged Striping

  • Formatted Drive(s)

  • Multiple Hard Drive Crashes

  • Fire / Flood Damage


NicoGroup Data Recovery offers the best data Recovery solution to provide all server and NAS data recovery jobs at our location in Belfast and across Northern Ireland UK, in-house and on-site. We deliver fast data recovery from all database servers to Apple, Microsoft, HP, Compaq, Fujitsu and many other popular brands. We prove to be an excellent choice to the Brands like Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi HGST, SanDisk Crucial and many when it comes to Server Data Recovery Services. Whether your server crashes or data is lost we realize the importance of restoring the data and having you back up and running. Our engineering team is specialized in data recovery from servers. We collaborate with our customers and the equipment supplier to acquire full quantity of data as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Servers are highly specialized storage devices and specialized equipment is required by data recovery engineers to provide secure server data recovery services. Our expert team for Secure Data Recovery Services will restore data from almost any device regardless of size, operating system, or scenario of disaster. Any minute matters when a server fails. For a number of causes, servers crash like hard disk loss or mental harm caused by worms, ransomware and cybercrimes. From accidental deleted data to recovering irreplaceable Business Server or full Server crash on-site and in-house, we are available for you 24/7 and on weekends also. Take back your data now. Prices from £350 incl. VAT.


Are you tensed with the loss of a massive amount of information from your NAS or Server system? Now we will help you get back the information from your failed NAS system!

Highly qualified data recovery service for NAS devices of any type. We are located in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We offer a wide range of our UK and EU Data Recovery Service and also offer other payment options. NAS Data Recovery Services from across all brands of NAS storage devices, from basic home user devices to multi-drive systems – bay NAS. We can reconstruct and retrieve Data from any NAS make. Whichever information you've lost and need to recover, in less than 48 hours we can get everything back. Price guarantee and a no recovery of data, no-fee charge policy. Call us now to get your data back.

DAS or Direct-Attached Storage is computer storage that is connected directly to one computer or server, commonly through a cable. This involves flash drives on internal and external hard drives, SSDs. NAS or Network Attached Storage devices are network connecting storage devices. Essentially, it is a way to connect a hard drive to your network and making it available for centrally controlled file-sharing and backups to all your devices.

With one of Industry’s highest recovery rates, regardless of what occurred to your Laptop, PC, Apple iMac or MacBook business information, or even your Business Server or NAS (Network Attached Storage Device), we get your data back. So, here are the companies for which we are providing NAS Data Recovery Services.


Buffalo Americas TeraStation


Western Wireless



HP, and several other NAS apps

ypes of NAS devices:

The way the NAS devices are made by manufacturers can be categorized into three types:

Computer-based NAS:

Installs FTP / SMB / AFP using a computer (server level or personal computer) which is Server software. This form of NAS has the largest energy consumption but its features are the most efficient. Max FTP throughput speed varies by RAM and computer CPU.

Embedded system-oriented NAS:

Using a processor infrastructure based on ARM or MIPS and a real-time operating system (RTOS) or an integrated operating system to operating a NAS server. This form of NAS is power consumption equal, and functions in the NAS will match most end-user requirements. For this sort of NAS Marvell, Oxford, and Storlink render chipsets.

ASIC based NAS:

Provide NAS while using a single ASIC chip, using the hardware to implement TCP / IP and the file system. There is really no Operating system in the chip since all performance-related processes are accelerated by hardware circuits. This type of NAS has low energy consumption since features are limited to supporting SMB and FTP only.

List of Common Brands from the last 10 years:

Getting a NAS drive is just like getting your own private cloud storage system, accessible at home or away from home. Use them to back up and store music files, documents, videos, and much more. Here are some common NAS data recovery services from the last 10 years.

Synology DS220j

Synology has been well famous for creating a few of the finest NAS drives, although there are plenty of great alternatives that are often lower in price. The additional power and memory controller speeds things up beautifully making this the ideal device to merge data from different devices and spread media across the house.


If you are not searching for one of the inexpensive versions available, the QNAP TS-251B is a perfect option for a NAS trip. It would do the design and build front work, but more relevantly, it offers a great variety of features and specifications.

TerraMaster F2-210

The TerraMaster is an outstanding value-for-money alternative in the NAS drive world so long as a 2-bay drive is more than enough. It is well-made, easy to configure and use, and afterward runs smoothly and effectively. The F2-210 is ideal for activities such as serving, backup, and managing basic files.

Synology DS420j:

The DS420j is Synology NAS drive which represents a reasonable size, specs, and functionality balance. It is extremely similar to the one replacing the older DS418j. What you will get here is a quad-core processor that can operate loads of applications concurrently, rather than dual-core.

QNAP TS-231P2:

A tiny yet surprisingly strong NAS box with versatility, scalability, and quality buckets that clearly shows how seriously QNAP is now taking its NAS product line.

Synology DiskStation DS119j:

An entry-level NAS system that, if you don't wish to invest too big and don't demand too much in exchange, could well is the perfect option. It does a brilliant job for basic, general storage requirements.

WD My Cloud Mirror 4TB

Whenever it comes to the efficiency of use it is difficult to replace the WE My Cloud Mirror. Initial installation is very convenient and our remote access is also easy to sort. It works great for sharing music, films, photographs, and documents and the performance is fine.

WD My Cloud Home

The architecture and design of the My Cloud Home equipment is outstanding, with almost all of its problems lying in the modules of the software provided for it. The My Cloud Home may provide accessibility to DLNA storage for a smart TV or a personal cloud solution.

Synology DiskStation DS419slim

The DS419slim is an adorable little container but to justify the price, you will really have to need a compact system. Being restricted to 2.5 in drives, especially their cost implies that the appeal here is pretty niche. Also, there is no LAN support to make the best of the read / write speeds a package of 4 SSDs might bring.

Synology DiskStation DS418j

The DS418j has now been substituted by the DS420j, but there is no change in the current edition. It also uses the same style and almost the same specifications.


There are some specific server setup types, in which we are providing our services.

Separate Database Server Setup:

One of the main advantages of a separate server is that the server and application do not depend on common services, for example. CPU, RAM, Capacities etc. The application and the server are separated in separate database server, thus increasing the security and scalability to add more resources.

HTTP Accelerator Server Setup:

Often regarded as caching HTTP Accelerator. The best thing about the HTTP Accelerator is that by employing certain sophisticated methods it eliminates the time taken to deliver the service to the customer, so the consumer can have instant access to the same data in the future.

All in One Server Setup:

All in one server means, everything in one server. The application and database both will use the common server; however all the resources are on a single server making the scalability more complicated. For example LAMP stacks on one server which includes Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

Load Balancer Server Setup:

Several servers can be used for workload management. It has the potential to improve system and data reliability and performance. When one server fails, another server is still available to handle the workload or data. So, now you don't need to rely on a single server.

Load Balancer + Cache + Replication Server Setup:

Many companies combined load balancer, cache and replication techniques while performing server setups due to numerous networking needs. By utilizing this hybrid approach, the company will get the full gain by reducing the complications and other issues.

Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) Server Setup:

Across the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) server setup, a third party will control the databases and you will be in charge of all else. By this case you don't have to think about installing, configuring and executing the server hence you don't need to purchase any sort of equipment.

Backend as a Service (BaaS) Server Setup:

Using the server setup of Backend as a Service (BaaS), you can create an API to tie it to your application without attempting to write lengthy script for the entire back - end. This way you might save time, and ones tasks will be easier and more integrated.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Server Setup:

Using the Platform as a Service (PaaS) Framework Configuration, you can create the application more flexibly. Most of the backup functions will be carried out by external parties, for example service providers.

Database Replication Server Setup:

There must be at least one main node and one replica node in Database Replication server configuration. Each upgrade made in this application configuration will be submitted to the main node and to all other nodes from that point. Using this setup server one can enhance their database performance.

Outsource Server Setup:

There are many solution providers are available on the supply chain that can optimize your work activities such as configuring the server, storing, scalability, debugging and maintenance. You can reduce the chances of errors by outsourcing the server responsibility, as the specific service team will be highly qualified and professional.

List of Common Brands from the Last 15 years:

We have been providing Server Data Recovery Services for some common brands used from last 15 years. If you have any server recovery problems regarding listed below brands, you are most welcome to consult.

Dell PowerEdge

Model : T30

Dell PowerEdge

Model : T20 [barebones]

Lenovo Think Server

Model : TS150

HPE ProLiant

Model : ML350 Gen 10

Fujitsu Primergy

Model : TX1310 M1

HP ProLiant Micro server

Model : Gen8

Lenovo Think Server

Model : TS460

HP ProLiant

Model : ML350 G9 5U

Scan 3XS

Model : SER-T25



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