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We are one of the best professional and most reliable USB Pen Flash Disk Drive disaster and Forensic Data Recovery Companies in the UK (United Kingdom) and Europe for Apple Mac OS X HFS+ and Windows NTFS, FAT32 formatted USB Pen - Flash Disk Drives. Our professional USB Flash Disk Drive Data Recovery Service for Apple Macs and Windows in the United Kingdom offers Forensic USB Flash & Pen Drive Data Recovery Services from any Flash Brand or USB Storage Device. We offer USB Pen Drive Data Recovery services for Fire, Water Damaged and Accidently damaged USB devices. We get USB Pen Drives in from all over Europe and the United Kingdom. We are specialist in damaged, accidental deleted or corrupted – faulty memory devices. What makes our Data Recovery business different from other companies?




You have probably already contacted other companies and now you have to decide who you trust most with your USB pen drive Data Recovery job. We have a decade of experience and never charged for diagnosing a USB flash drive or asked for upfront payment. For peace of mind we have a no Data no Fee policy and we never charge for data that was not useful for the customer or not wanted. Accidents and damages can happen to your USB Flash or Pen Drive. One day you plug your USB flash stick into your Computer, Laptop or Apple iMac & MacBook and suddenly it is not being detected or recognized anymore. It might even ask you to format your USB pen flash drive.  Do not panic, unplug your USB flash disk and stop using it any further, it can get make things worse. At this stage, you need a professional and reliable data recovery service in the UK to get your data back.

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USB Data Recovery




We offer fast and reliable data recovery services for USB Pen Flash Disk Drive at a reasonable price with quick turnaround times. I know that your data is valuable and we will do everything to get your data back. There are a couple software solutions out there and advice on forums how to recover data from a USB pen drive but that could even damage your USB pen drive further and make a professional data recovery attempted more complicated and costly. Why even take the risk and try it yourself when we offer a free UK wide post in data recovery service that offers free diagnostics services with no risk to you? You post it free of charge to us via our prepaid royal mail label and I promise to you that on the same day we will diagnose the USB pen drive and provide you with a written fixed price quotation for the data recovery services. If you do not wish to proceed the USB pen drive will be returned to you free of charge.



To give you a better idea of how we work I’ll give you an example; Your USB Pen Drive stopped working and you contact us by phone, email, chat or request quote option around lunch time. In under 1 hour you will receive a prepaid postage label you can print out and drop it off at any post office location. The next day we should receive your USB pen drive and let you know that it has arrived. In under 90 minutes our trained, qualified technicians will diagnose your USB pen drive and advise by email about the price and a timeline. Once you accept the USB Data Recovery Service the Data Recovery Process should be done in under 24 hours and we can send you securely your data via a file transfer option. The recovered data from your USB pen drive data recovery will be returned to you on a brand-new USB stick the next day. That way you have access to your most important documents right away and a copy by post in under 48 hours



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We offer professional UK Data Recovery Service in the United Kingdom and Europe for any type of USB pen drive and brands such as SanDisk, Corsair, PNY, Kingston and Transcend to name just a few. Apple OS X HFS formatted USB pen drives or Windows FAT – NTFS formatted both are supported by us.  Most of our customers come from Universities, Schools and small to midsized business all over the UK and since we have a lot of happy customers we can provide references as well. Data Recovery is all about trust and we aim to be one of the best in the United Kingdom. Our fast turnaround times, confidentiality guarantee, professional approach and the latest tools and machines on the market we can make sure that your data is back in no time.

It doesn’t stop there, we keep things simple, transparent and offer an honest service at a reasonable price while communication every step of the data recovery process to you. You probably have more questions about data recovery services and there is always somebody available to take your call even on the weekend 24/7. Most accidents happen on weekends or after regular business hour. Don’t worry we answer our phones anytime of the day even on the weekend. Many people have to work on weekends and so do we to get your data back in no time. All quotes and emails are processed in less than 1 hour and currently our service level is under 21 minutes for any USB UK wide data recovery Services request.




Our UK wide USB Flash | Pen Drive Data Recovery Service can help you with:


Missing USB drive in Windows 7 8 or 10

PC or Apple not recognizing your USB drive

Flash drive not showing up on your Computer or Apple

Flash drive is connected, but it's not showing up

USB memory stick not responding

OS X Yosemite: If a USB device isn't working

USB Device Not Recognized.

USB Flash Drive Not Detected in Windows

USB Drive not in my computer or disk management

Thumb drive not showing up in Disk Management

flash drive doesn't show up in disk management

USB drive not showing up in disk management windows 7 8 and 10.

flash drive not showing up anywhere

USB drive shows up in device manager but not my computer

flash drive not showing up on any computer

flash drive not detected

flash drive not showing up in OS X, Windows 7 8 or 10

pen drive detected but not showing in my computer windows 7 or OS X

USB flash drive not working or is appearing as an empty disk drive

USB dongle not recognized

My Dongle isn’t recognized by my laptop

Bluetooth USB dongle stopped working

Troubleshooting - USB adapter not detected

pen drive detected but not showing in my computer

pen drive detected but not opening

pen drive problem please insert disk

pen drive not opening

pen drive not working in windows 7

pen drive detected but not showing data

windows - USB Drive not showing files

USB drive not showing files and folders

cannot see files on flash drive

USB files not showing but space used

USB files not showing up on mac

USB not showing files mac

pen drive show empty even when data exists

how to show files in USB hidden by virus

SD card or Pendrive Show Empty Even When Data Exists

pen drive showing empty although it has data

pen drive showing empty when full

pen drive not showing files and folders

pen drive data not showing due to virus

USB drive not showing files and folders

USB files not showing but space used

USB data not showing

USB shows empty but is full


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