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Did your Computer, Laptop, Mac iMac or MacBook Pro Hard Disk Drive fail? There are two main types of hard disk drive failure - physical and logical. Physical hard drive failures are often due to a failure of the electric motor or the drive itself - the moving parts. They can also happen because of a major head crash caused by your laptop, Macbook or external hard drive being dropped or moved while it's running. If you’re hard drive is making sounds that you aren’t familiar with, this could also be bad news, particularly if it’s a clicking, grinding or making a screeching noise. Do not let your hard drive continue to run while it is making any of those sounds and get professional help. Maybe a fire or water damaged your device and your hard disk drive? Did your Hard Disk Drive File System became corrupted? These problems can happen on any Windows or Apple Mac OS X formatted Hard Disk Drive from new hard drives to older hard drives. 



Hard Drive Data Recovery Belfast



  Data Recovery Price Guidline for Windows & Apple OS X Data Recovery 

Disk Level Problems e.g.,  Bad Sectors & Blocks. Deleted Data or Corrupted Data Data Recovery




Data Recovery from £149.95 including VAT

Firmware and Electrical Issue e.g., Not Spinning Up, Power Surges, Bricked Firmware Data Recovery




Data Recovery from £249.95 including VAT


Clicking or Grinding Sounds E.g., Not Recognized. Clean Room work required Data Recovery




Data Recovery from £299.95 including VAT



This can happen without any warning and it is always infuriating because it happens when you least expect it. At this stage, you might need a professional Data Recovery Service in the United Kingdom which we offer. We offer Data Recovery for any Brand such as Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, HGST, Hitachi,Toshiba and many more. You probably went online to do some research and found out about prices. If the hard drive is still under warranty the Apple Store or the Seller / Manufacture can exchange your hard drive but your data is lost during the exchange. Not a great solution to you and this is normally the moment when a data recovery company comes into play. What makes us different from other companies. We are Techies and do not employee sales people or use account managers.

You can call us anytime 24/7 and speak straight to a Techie. We never charged for just looking at a Hard Disk Drive or handed Data back that was of no use to the customer. Our friendly customer service is outstanding, friendly and knowledgeable.  Every week we get a lot of hard drives posted to us from the UK and Europe that are in need of our professional Data Recovery service. Data Recovery from brands such as Seagate Barracuda Hard Drives (clicking sounds, not spinning up) Western Digital (Green, Blue, Red, mostly bad sectors or reading heads issues) Samsung (bad sectors, weak heads) or Toshiba (Strange noises) we get them in all the time. As with every UK Data Recovery job there can be challenges and prices start from £120 but on some hard drives the cost

can go up. I would strongly recommend not to put your hard drive in a freezer. Many forum entries recommend it but this may cause a lot more problems later. Running some sort of Data Recovery Software on it is a bad solution as well since the drive might have issues and might completely fail during that process. I never charged for just looking at a hard drive for our UK Data Recovery service and offer a free prepaid postage label for your convenience.  I also like to keep our service level high and get jobs done in under 2 days with an option for you to get access to your data before we return the recovered data free of charge as an added value service.






We can help you with our professional UK wide Hard Drive Data Recovery Services if you have following problems:


Slowing Down Computer, Frequent Freezes, Blue Screen of Death

Corrupted Data or Deleted Files and accidental format

Accumulation of Bad Sectors. Drive is very unresponsive

Strange Sounds such as clicking and grinding

Accidental dropping, Disaster Data Recovery, Fire, Water damage Data Recovery

Frequent but irregular crashes, especially while booting up Windows

Frequent and cryptic error messages while performing typical activities like moving files

Folder and file names that have been scrambled and changed

Disappearing files and folders

Really long wait times to access folders and files

Hard disk is silent for a long period after you request data by opening a file or folder

Garbled output from open files or printing

Hard drive grinds away constantly because of noisy bearings

hard drive detected in bios but won't boot

external hard drive won't boot

windows 10 won't start up

laptop won't boot

computer won't boot windows 7

computer won't start

computer won't turn on

computer won't boot up black screen

My Computer Won't Boot Up With the External USB Hard Drive Attached

Unable to Boot Windows with External Hard Drive Attached

External Hard disk won't load

external hard drive prevents boot-up

unable to boot windows with external hard drive attached

computer tries to boot from external hard drive

why won't my pc boot up with a usb device plugged in

how to recover files from an external hard drive that won't boot

windows 10 won't boot with usb plugged in

windows ses driver

computer running slow and freezing windows 10

computer running slow and freezing windows 7

windows 10 slow and freezing

laptop running slow and freezing windows 10

how to fix a slow computer windows 7

computer running slow and freezing windows 8

windows 10 won't boot with external hard drive plugged in

computer making noise grinding

my computer making strange whirring noises

computer making clicking noise

computer making beeping noise

computer making noise randomly

why is my computer making a loud buzzing sound

computer making loud whirring noise

computer makes noise when processing

Files and Folders randomly are deleted BY the Computer.

data corrupted

corrupted file repair

software corruption

corrupted data

how to recover files from external hard drive not detected

external hard drive recovery software

recover data western digital external hard drive

how to recover data from damaged external hard disk

how to recover files from external hard drive mac

how to recover files from external hard drive without formatting

how to recover files from external hard drive using command prompt

recover deleted files from external hard drive



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