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We are one of the best professional Drobo Disaster Data Recovery Companies in the UK (United Kingdom) and Europe for Mac and Windows Drobo Storage Systems. Our professional Drobo Data Recovery Service for Mac and Windows in the United Kingdom offers Data Recovery from any Drobo NAS or DAS device and we are Drobo Mac specialist in Europe for BeyondRaid Drobo Data Recoveries. From all over Europe and the United Kingdom we get Drobo Devices in when they fail and need repair. Most of the time the Hard Disk Drives in your Drobo developed bad sectors which can lead to a total crash of your Drobo NAS or DAS device.  Hard Disk Drive reading head problems may require a replacement as well but leave it to us. All jobs are done in house in a professional clean room environment. For Drobo Hard Disk Drive imaging we only use DeepSpar Disk Imager™ 4 hardware to archive the best results and data recovery rates.


What makes our Data Recovery business different from other companies? You probably contacted already other companies and now you have to decide who you trust most with your Drobo Data Recovery job. We have a decade of experience with Drobo Data Recovery and BeyondRaid technology they implant and use. Drobo BeyondRaid is more difficult to recover than let’s say a Raid 5 or Raid 6 system array. Drobo BeyondRaid is very similar to Raid 5 but normal Raid Recovery Tools & Software cannot work with it correctly and the recovery rate is as low as 20% with them. If you come to our Data Recovery you can be assured that we take good care of your data. There are no salespeople involved that can be quite pushy. From day one you will only talk to a Drobo Data Recovery specialist which is available 24/7 to answer your questions by email, chat or phone.

Drobo Recovery Data Data Recovery Reent Drobo Data Recovery Projects.




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Before any Drobo Data Recovery work is done, we analyse and inspect your Drobo first and after that we provide you with a fixed price quote and guarantee that it won’t cost you more than the price quoted including an estimated time to finish the Drobo Data Recovery job. Please contact us in an emergency. We offer a 24-hour Premium Drobo Data Recovery Service with FTP access to your Data in case you cannot wait a couple days. We can cater to your Data Recovery needs and offer a clear easy communication by email or phone. For international Drobo Data Recovery jobs it is recommended to use a professional shipping company such as DHL, UPS, Fedex that offers a 24 or 48 hours guaranteed service to get your Drobo safely to us in no time. Please keep in mind that with all Data Recovery jobs there will never be a guarantee that data can be recovered.



It depends on different factors and only an in house Drobo Data Recovery diagnoses from us can tell you what can be recovered. We offer a no Data no fee policy and rest be assured that our business never charges any money upfront or would give you data back from your Drobo that was no use to you. We let you inspect the data that will be recovered before you pay and only if you are happy you pay us. Quality Data Recovery and happy customers are more important to us than getting paid for a job that is not to your expectations. We offer our customer service in different languages such as English, German, Spanish and much more. Don’t worry to date we were able to communicate with every customer regardless of their country but we speak mostly German and English. Call us today on 028 9543 8520 anytime of the day, even on weekends.

For international customers please call: +44 28 9543 8520



  • Including but not limited to Any Drobo server with DroboShare
  • Drobo Elite
  • DroboPro
  • Drobo S
  • Drobo
  • Drobo FS
  • Drobo Mini
  • Drobo Professional

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