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NicoGroup Data Recovery and Forensics offer Computer Forensics Services for Legal,  Businesses and Private individuals in Northern Ireland. 

Digital forensics is the application of scientific methodology to computer media to establish factual information or provide expert opinion for legal proceedings. The terms 'computer forensics' and 'digital forensics' can be used interchangeably.

Our core eForensic Services

Forensic Data Recovery

  • The imaging or acquisition of the computer media (collecting the data)

  • Examining the data (generally using specialist forensic software)

  • Analysis of the data

  • Compiling a report, statement or letter of findings

  • Providing expert witness testimony.

Mobile Device Forensics

  • The acquisition of the mobile phone or tablet  (collecting the data)

  • Examining the data (generally using specialist forensic software)

  • Analysis of the mobile device data

  • Compiling a report, statement or letter of findings

  • Providing expert witness testimony.

Incident Response / On-Site Data Collection

  • Indecent images of children and child abuse investigations

  • Murder, Police and terrorism investigations

  • Political corruption and immigration investigations

  • Trading standards investigations

  • Providing expert witness testimony.

NicoGroup Forensics undertakes work for both defence (including Legal Aid Agency funded cases) and prosecution clients and take instruction in civil proceedings.

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NicoGroup Data Recovery and Forensics offer assistance with the wording when preparing a search and seize order and we will work with you during the execution of the search and seize order to help identify appropriate target media and the best approach for gathering the maximum amount of evidential material.

NicoGroups computer forensics experts adhere to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence. No action taken by law enforcement agencies or their agents should change data held on a computer or storage media which may subsequently be relied upon in court.

Our forensic data recovery experts use their extensive data recovery knowledge and skills, together with forensic evidence handling techniques to ensure the integrity of the recovered data for courts.


You have made an excellent choice visiting our website for our digital data eforensic services. We can help you with any type of digital forensic services. The simplest way to find out if we can help you is to call us and speak to Nico, our knowledgeable chief technology officer and director from Germany.

You can reach Nico on 028 9543 8520 or 079 3818 2909 anytime of the day. Whenever you call, we promise to listen to your problem or case provide honest advice and keep it simply. Digital forensics is a complicated field with all different type of work required to get results. Most of our current jobs include employee data theft investigations, mobile phone investigation to CCTV footage reconstruction and ransomware infections.

Analysis of digital data, providing easy to understand reports for you and provide expert opinion in court if required for solicitors in Northern Ireland.  We can provide many digital investigations for you but the easiest way to find out is to give us a call now.


We can help with employee data theft investigation or employee business equipment use such as laptops and mobiles.

We got out of the box thinking for even the most difficult data forensic jobs and can provide expert witness reports.

Your business got hit by ransomware attacks and can’t access your server data anymore. Very difficult but we helped businesses over the years.


We spend many hours in the Belfast court providing expert witness reports and answer any questions. We like to keep reports simple.

You are a solicitor or barrister in Northern Ireland and need help for your client or received a report and need a second opinion.

We provide reports for the courts and digital forensic expert witness statements. From damaged files to digital theft we support any investigation.  


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Forensic Data Recovery

Computer Forensics and Computer Data Analysis in Northern Ireland.


NicoGroup Forensic Data Recovery Service is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We recover digital data that has been erased, corrupted or destroyed from any Computer (PC), Laptop, Apple iMac and Apple MacBook with a leading team of digital and computer analysers to get you an expert opinion report that can be used in court as an expert witness report.

NicoGroup forensic Data Recovery Service has been recognised as one of the country's leading forensic experts within the computer forensic analysis and hard drive investigation industry in the United Kingdom.

Our friendly and helpful specialists in forensic data recovery working with computers, laptops, iMacs and MacBook’s, mobile phones which have been seeded with safety measures to prevent legal investigations, we must use special procedures to avoid triggering failsafe’s which could compromise or erase the data. At any given stage we would perform forensic data analyse on the original device to prevent data being compromised in any way.

We use a variety of techniques and latest proprietary software forensic applications to examine the device. Any evidence found on the digital copy is carefully documented in a "finding report" and verified with the original in preparation for legal proceedings that involve discovery, depositions, or actual litigation.





Why would you need a Computer Forensics and Computer Data Analysis Service in Northern Ireland? Our clients that use our Computer Forensic Services are business owners, employers, solicitors, wife’s and husbands (mostly divorce cases) We work with Solicitors in Northern Ireland and in the United Kingdom on behalf of their clients that need evidence collected and a written easy to understand witness expert report.  Most cases we worked on involved disgruntled employees deleting files on their work computer to hide illegally activity. Sometimes an employee tries to steal confidential company data and sell it to your competitor or was involved in other illegal activities. In one case we had to recover data from a lorry dashcam system that got damaged in a car accident and contained vital cctv evidence about the crash. Used in criminal cases, civil litigation, and employment proceedings, NicoGroup’s Computer forensics deals with the collection and analysis of computer related evidence, such as the investigation into deleted or hidden information on hard drives. This can include a computer system, hard disk or CD-ROM, an email message (OST or PST Files) or JPEG image, or a sequence of files moving over a

computer network. Our knowledgeable experts also have subsequent branches of study, such as firewall, network, database and mobile device forensics. During court cases our forensic experts may be called upon to analyse computer systems belonging to defendants (in criminal cases) or litigants (in civil cases). Other cases where our experts are paramount to proceedings are in the recovery of data in the event of a hardware or software failure; the analysis of computer systems after a break-in, for example, to determine how the attacker gained access and what the attacker did; to give evidence against an employee that an organisation may wish to terminate. Our experts at NicoGroup’s Forensics Data Recovery Service will typically recover the majority of lost or deleted information, even if that data was purposely destroyed or hidden. We go far beyond the typical recovery technique in order to bring our clients complete satisfaction in information retrieval, computer hardware analysis and computer data analysis. We can assist solicitors, employers, business owners, private investigators, government agencies and the police in whatever service they may require. Our team of computer experts have been involved in cases including:


Intellectual property data theft in Northern Ireland

Suspected computer misuse in Northern Ireland

Executive misconduct data breach in Northern Ireland

Employment dispute in Northern Ireland

Computer Fraud Investigations in Northern Ireland

Satellite Navigation (Sat nav) forensic analysis


If you require further information on our computer forensic data analysis, hard drive analysis or data recovery service please don't hesitate to contact our Chief Techie Nico Albrecht by phone  028 9543 8520 or email: nico@nicogroup.net

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We are specialist in:

Forensic CCTV Video Analysis

Forensic Video Recovery Service

Forensic Sat Nav Analysis and Satellite Navigation Analysis

Forensic Digital Recordings Analysis

Forensic Computer Analysis

Forensic Hard drive analysis

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