Did your Server Raid or NAS Raid fail? NicoGroup Data Recovery with decades of experience in the field of complex data recovery can help. To find out if we can help keep calm and talk to a friendly knowledgeable “Techie” from NicoGroup Data Recovery today.


24/7 we offer support by phone, text, WhatsApp, email and chat. Did you know we answer most emails in under 10 minutes? Several Data Recovery Engineers from Germany based in Belfast, UK will do their best to get your Server or NAS raid data recovered. We offer several Raid Data Recovery Services from same day up to 30 days to fit your budget.


NicoGroup Data Recovery and Forensics are the top professional Belfast, Northern Ireland based Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery company specializing in advanced clean room data recovery services. Specialized in complex RAID and Server Data Recovery, dropped external Hard Drives, Apple Macbook and iMac Data Recovery, USB Pen Drive Data Recovery, SSD ( Solid State ) data recoveries and any NAS Drives – Same day diagnostics and 24/7 emergency service available in our state of the art in-house Labs on 117 Ormeau Road in Belfast.


We are open on Saturday and Sundays by appointment. The confidentiality and security of your data is our priority. All data recovery work is done on premises in a secure, alarmed data recovery lab.  We will be happy to give you a personal tour of the lab when you drop off your disk drive to us. This means we aren’t outsourcing your data recovery job to any 3rd party. Fully compliant with ICO and ISO data protection regulations in the UK. We are the only data recovery lab in Northern Ireland that uses a certified class 10 cleanroom to repair damaged disk drives to get you the best data recovery outcome possible. NicoGroup has only 5-star reviews on Google and we are Data Recovery Techies who love what we do.


Have you ever come up with a huge amount of data being lost from your RAID system and decided to do data recovery from RAID? Only profesional Data Recovery Labs can help you get back the data through your crashed RAID collection with a Data Recovery.


RAID stands for Versatile Collection of Independent Disks / Inexpensive Disks and was established in the 1970s as a common data processing technique. RAID is among the most commonly used strategies for disk visualization that lets us handle several disks in one location.  This lets us avoid data duplication and duplicity while at the same time enhancing overall system performance. While the device helps one to logically combine multiple disks together, it may also suffer from unexpected data loss

To all RAID systems and modules, NicoGroup Data Recovery provides exceptional RAID recovery services at your location in Belfast and across Northern Ireland UK, in-house and on-site. We can recreate and retrieve information from every NAS raid build, like RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 4, RAID 5, RAID 6 Hard Disk Drive or system, and even beyond Raid devices such as Drobo Storage. Proudly delivering customer support on Face Value for over 15 years. We don't outsource our job and guarantee a No Data No Charge. Free mail and return service available.


Let your Data Restored with our RAID Data Recovery Service today. Server Raid Recovery commences from £349 incl. VAT for a single drive but can cost much more depending how many drives have failed and hoe complex the RAID system is.

What you have to do when RAID fails:

Continuing to operate a damaged RAID device will severely harm or disable the network as a whole. Does the Attack contain strange behavior patterns? The following three-step walkthrough should help secure your data from a potential loss:

Don't Panic! Switch off the device or server to minimize the risk of massive damage.

Should not trick, or attempt to fix — there is a good risk that some DIY repair would make the problem worse.

Call the NicoGroup team 24/7 to figure out what we can do, by phone, email, or talk. And we'll be glad to have a reliable RAID data recovery service for you.

Types of RAID Server Setups:


There are two distinct ways to handle RAID on a server. One system utilizes a specialized piece of system equipment, while the other manages software-level RAID practices.

Hardware RAID:

Hardware RAID includes the drives link to a RAID controller card inserted into the server's motherboard. Hardware RAID is affiliated with an early greater cost owing to the requirement of hardware, but the configuration involved is extremely easy, as the controller handles everything. This provides optimum efficiency, as the loading is done by the RAID card instead of the server, giving fewer burdens when creating backups and restore results.

Software RAID:

On the other side, software RAID control has a little cost but you still need to understand how to install it. As drives are attached to the server motherboard without some kind of RAID controller, the Operating System program handles the setup. This is the cheaper alternative; just link the drives and install the OS. You are perhaps limited to the level of RAID your Operating system can support. Data performance and server resources will be used, so the dedicated hosting setup should be vigilant not to slow down.


List of common RAID server levels:

Here are some common levels of RAID used and for which we have been providing RAID Data Recovery Services:


In this setup, the minimum number of drives required is 2. The RAID 0 setup involves a method to gather and analyses data from multiple drives, termed disk striping. The main aim of this is to improve efficiency because several drives are immediately used. This enhances the effectiveness of Input / Output significantly. The main problem with these types of RAID is there is no redundancy of data, so if one drive is damaged then it will impact the general array. For sensitive devices RAID 0 is not suggested.


This kind of RAID is using disk mirroring to develop redundancy of the data. This is the simplest way to build data redundancy which is the most cost-effective with just two necessary hard drives. Data is concurrently transferred on several disks, and the dedicated servers will not suffer any lack of data if one crashes. It is necessary to mention that the server's storage capability is split in half in this setup. The main drawback of RAID 1 is a performance significant reduction owing to the necessary resources to duplicate the data and, the input/output efficiency is not fantastic as it needs stripping and parity.


Finally, the RAID 5 level depends on block-level stripping, with details on parity in each move. For businesses such as web hosting demanding high efficiency and redundant data the most widely accepted RAID configuration is RAID 5. RAID 5 needs 3 hard drives and will operate with 1 broken disk. If a drive fails in this setup, you'll notice a performance reduction. In order to establish consistency and improved efficiency, it uses data parity (extra bits applied to data to ensure the data is intact) and data striping (the method of segmenting data through several volumes). There is also a hot-swappable RAID5 setup which implies drives can be substituted without needing to restart the computer.


This setup is similar to RAID5 thus it requires an extra block of parity which ensures even if two hard drives fail in your network, storage operations would proceed as if nothing occurred. The drawback of RAID6 clearly is that this system needs external hard drives.

RAID 10:

Its architecture is the best choice for any kind of sensitive application, particularly databases. This level uses four disks at least, as well as the blocks are mirrors but also striped. This is also known as RAID 1 + 0 as it blends the Input/output advantages of a RAID 0 with RAID 1 hardware failure security.


We are a Northern Ireland, Belfast based professional Data Recovery Service business with a very good chance to get your Hard Disk Drive, SD Card or USB Pen Drive Business Data back, quick and affordable. We offer Data Recovery Services in Northern Ireland for any brand such as Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi HGST, Sandisk Crucial and many more. All Data Recovery jobs are completed in house or can be done onsite ( on-site Data Recovery ) at your business premise at an additional charge with the best tools and solution available on the market.


We help and recover your Data and we are NOT a computer repair shop or a kid with some software.  We only do Data Recovery and nothing else. From accidental deleted Data to forensic Data analysis that’s all we do every day.


When it comes to recovering or restoring irreplaceable Business Server Hard Disk Drive Raid and NAS (Network Attached Storage Device) Data after a disaster or a Full Server – NAS Hard Disk Drive crash. We prove to be an excellent choice and care about our Data Recovery Service with every single hard drive we get in. We aim to provide a Data Recovery Service that is available for you 24/7 including weekends. A lot of people such as the police, hospitals, fire departments have to work on the weekend and so do we recovering your business Data.


Northern Ireland, Belfast based professional Data Recovery Service Quote



Hard Drive Data Recovery any Brands Belfast


Ask A Data Recovery Question by Email


Data Recovery Service Belfast



Recovery Service with every single hard drive we get in. We aim to provide a Data Recovery Service that is available for you 24/7 including weekends. A lot of people such as police, hospitals, fire departments have to work on the weekend and so do we by recovering your business Data. With one of the highest recovery rates in the industry. No matter what happened to your business data that was on your Laptop, PC, Apple iMac or MacBook or even your Business Server or NAS (Network Attached Storage Device) with Raid 0, 1, or 5 we get your Data back.


We place the utmost importance on safeguarding your business data. Confidentially agreements are standard with every data recovery job we do in Northern Ireland for businesses. No matter what kind of Data you lost in your office in Northern Ireland we can come to your office and recover your Data or you can come to our office on 117 Ormeau Road BT7 1SH anytime by appointment. We offer free parking for customers and we are conveniently located close to Belfast city centre area.


In addition, Belfast Data Recovery is providing expert in lab cleanroom data recovery with one the highest success rate in the data recovery industry in Northern Ireland – NicoGroup Data Recovery also provides professional on site (on-site) data recovery in Northern Ireland under special circumstances. This option is reserved for the most difficult and delicate data loss situations.




Most Common Requirements for Onsite ( On-Site) Business Data Recovery in Northern Ireland:


Large Complex Enterprise Systems such as Insurance Companies, Technology Companies, Banks and Government Organisations  

  • Internet access to Data Storage prohibited
  • Military/Navy/Government Top Secret or Classified Data
  • Financial/Gaming Institutions Highly Sensitive Data
  • Data Storage device too large/complex to ship
  • IT requirements do not permit removing data from the site



https://nicogroup.net/contact-us-nicogroup Call 028 9543 8520   24/7 for more information


Secure Data Recovery On-site Recovery Advantages for Businesses in Northern Ireland:  


  • Fastest turnaround time for Northern Ireland on-site data recovery in the industry (most cases are completed within 18 hours of arrival)
  • Experienced Senior Level Certified Data Recovery Engineers
  • Proven verifiable past success on large enterprise level Storage Systems
  • No Data, No Recovery Fee (On-site Fees Apply)




Request a Quote Data Recovery Belfast


Supported Storage Media Devices Data Recovery Northern Ireland:


  • All brands of Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drive (SSD) Flash media. All RAID levels 0 1 5 6  NAS Systems and Servers. Qnap, IBM, Seagate, Western Digital, HGST Hitachi, Toshiba and many more
  • All existing File Systems and Operating Systems
  • Full Virtualization support (Hyper-V, VMware, Citrix Xen Server and similar), including Corrupted/Deleted Virtual Machine
  • Databases such as SQL, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, Exchange and custom applications


Data Recovery Belfast latest projects

  Data Recovery Price Guidline for Windows & Apple OS X Data Recovery 

Disk Level Problems such as Bad Sectors & Blocks. Deleted Data or Corrupted Data.




Data Recovery from £149.95 including VAT

Firmware and Electrical Issues: Not Spinning Up, Power Surges, Bricked Firmware.



Data Recovery from £249.95 including VAT


Clicking or Grinding Sounds: Not Recognized. Clean Room work required.




Data Recovery from £299.95 including VAT


What you should do when disaster strikes and my hard disk drives crash. The Do Not Do list:  


DO NOT attempt to repair or replace a faulty hard drive in-house, data recovery is a complex procedure and any self-recovery will reduce the chances of success

DO NOT install recovery software/tools or write any data on the affected storage/volume

DO NOT attempt to rebuild a faulty RAID unless all original members are successfully cloned elsewhere

DO NOT attempt to force any RAID members back into the array unless all original members are successfully cloned elsewhere

Take extreme care when contacting the manufacturer for support, the manufacturer’s goal is to get your hardware running again and in most cases their support has no regard for your data.

In most cases on-site Belfast data recovery in Northern Ireland will require the Storage Device or system to be physically operational but our engineers maybe able to solve physically damaged device failures onsite as well, to see if your situation meets onsite data recovery criteria contact our support team 24x7 at 028 9543 8520

Server Data Recovery Service 24/7. Any Raid type SAS | SATA | SSD setups

Server Data Recovery Service 24/7. Any Raid type SAS | SATA | SSD setups

Did your Server Raid or NAS Raid fail? NicoGroup Data Recovery with decades of experience in the fiel..

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NAS Device | Data Recovery Service | UK & EU Wide |

NAS Device | Data Recovery Service | UK & EU Wide |

Professional Data Recovery Service for any type of NAS Device. Local to Belfast, Northern Ireland. We..

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Data Recovery Service for | RAID | NAS | Server | HP | DELL | IBM | ASUS

Data Recovery Service for | RAID | NAS | Server | HP | DELL | IBM | ASUS

Did your Server Raid or NAS Raid fail? NicoGroup Data Recovery with decades of experience in the fiel..

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