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SSD / Solid State Drive Data Recovery

SSD / Solid State Drive Data Recovery

SSD drive or Solid State Drives can be a tricky one when it comes to data recovery, however we do have some success stories. We had a client contact us in our United Kingdom Belfast based office because their SSD suddenly vanished. When a data storage device suddenly shows up as empty out of the blue there can be a number of potential reasons for this. After inspecting the drive, we found that the unallocated SSD did in fact have a logical issue. In this SSD recovery case the very first link in the chain had been severed. As a result of boot sector corruption, the client’s computer couldn’t read any of the data on the device. There were two major partitions on the clients SSD and both had been encrypted. Full drive encryption presents a few additional problems and produces obvious complications. Furthermore, the encryption metadata for the drives logical volumes exists on only a few spots on the devices. If any of these spots can’t be recovered, then we can’t decrypt any of the data. The decryption process can take a lot of time (several days in fact). Both of the client’s partitions had to be encrypted separately, when this process finished we took a look at the results. The decryption process had been a success and we recovered the vast majority of the clients documents. Cost were around £400.

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