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Are you a small business owner in Belfast Northern Ireland that is struggling with his website not showing up in Google and Bing search engines on the first page. Do not worry you are not alone and you might need SEO optimisation for your website so that customers and clients can find you. Google SEO can help you to be found in Belfast or anywhere in Northern Ireland and you need SEO services and advice. You probably got quotes from SEO companies for search engine optimizations but they seemed very expensive and out of budget. I might be able to help and offer a different approach towards SEO services in Northern Ireland. Most SEO companies charge you to work for them but why are you not doing it yourself? I offer small group SEO training courses in my Belfast office for business owners. I know we are all busy with our business during the week and most courses and teaching I offer are being held on Saturday and Sunday. What is SEO?



Belfast SEO teaching and classes




Well, I talk about it in my classes a lot and give real world examples based on your website. During the SEO service course, I am happy to go with you through your website, analyse and explain how you can do yourself most of the search engine SEO optimizations yourself. What makes my business different compared to your competitors. The courses and classes are flat fee based and I do not have hours in mind to push through it. I make sure that all basics are covered all your questions are answered and you have a solid understanding what to do. I welcome follow up questions from you and make sure that you feel confident that you can do SEO yourself. Online courses are great but I prefer face to face talk. Our SEO classes and courses I offer as a SEO services are for beginners. I hope that once you have attended my SEO course you feel motivated to do your search engine optimisations yourself. I cannot promise you that we will get your

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website on the first page of google. Any company that makes such a promise is pretty much lying to you and I do not make false promises. What I can offer you is a day of easy learning and teaching SEO and the possibility to outrank your competitors or show up higher in google search results in Belfast or Northern Ireland. SEO courses and classes are held in small groups with no more than 3 people and not time based. If it takes a whole Saturday so be it but rest be assured that you will have more understanding and confidence to do SEO yourself or understand it better when you outsource it. How can you book your SEO course in Belfast? Simple give me a call on 028 9543 8520 or write me an email to: info@nicogroup.net. All SEO classes and courses are being held in my Belfast office on 117 Ormeau Road BT7 1SH. You do not have time on the weekend? Why not ask for a late evening SEO class or course


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