Data Recovery and Apple iMac repair in Belfast.

Data Recovery and Apple iMac repair in Belfast.

This week we had a Data Recovery job on an Apple iMac in the United Kingdom, Belfast. The Apple iMac didn't want to boot anymore and the hard drive made clicking sounds after inspecting it closer for diagnostic maintenance. We get quite few iMac Macs in lately ranging from 2009 – 2012 models. First we had to address the issue with the hard drive not being responsive at all caused by clicking noises. Clicking sound is almost a reading head problem and requires a very expensive data recovery job called head swaps whereby a suitable donor has to be found and in a surgically process the reading heads being swapped over. A data recovery jobs only works if there are no internal damages to the magnetic plates. This Mac iMac repair had a Seagate hard drive fitted and we had a donor in stock but the price for that on its own is already £250 due to the complexity of such a job. The whole process including data recovery can take several our and expensive data recovery tools are required to perform such work. On this occasion were 100% successful to recover deleted files and pictures in under 24 hours. After that we still to repair the Apple iMac fit a new hard drive, reinstall the OS X operating system and copy the recovered data back onto the Mac.

The customer opted in for a solid state drive to improve performance on his iMac. Sold state drives may be more expensive but they are worth the money. From faster boot times to fast apps opening time they cannot bead a normal hard drive and are on average 4 times faster. Ig you need an iMac repair or a data recovery job for your apple why not give us a call today. We are Belfast based, provide an emergency service and get you most apple iMacs repaired in under 2 days. You can find us on 117 Ormeau Road or contact us by email, chat or phone anytime.   

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Apple | MacBook | Hard Disk  Drive | Data Recovery Service | Belfast | UK

Apple | MacBook | Hard Disk Drive | Data Recovery Service | Belfast | UK

Did your Apple MacBook Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Drive broke down? Did you drop your MacBook? ..

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Apple | iMac | Hard Disk Drive | Data Recovery Service | Belfast | UK

Apple | iMac | Hard Disk Drive | Data Recovery Service | Belfast | UK

Did your Apple iMac Hard Disk Drive or Solid State Disk Drive brake down? Get your Data back today..

£0.00 Ex Tax: £0.00

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