Is your Sage Accounts running slow and crashes in your Belfast office?

Is your Sage Accounts running slow and crashes in your Belfast office?

Is your Sage running slow in your United Kingdom, Belfast office and freezes all the time or do your customer records populate very slow? Employees complaining about the speed in your office or cannot work fast because of those issues?

Maybe we can help! To give you a better idea what we can do we did a test recently on a customer’s premises. Testing out what is possible and how much it would be to solve his problem with Sage 50 accounts.  

The current setup was running  Sage Accounts 50 V21 on 4 Windows PC’s and the Sage Company file was located on an aging 2008 R2 Server with 12GB of Ram and a 3.4Ghz Intel Xenon Cpu. All PC’s connect via a 24 port Gigabit switch. We contacted Sage support and asked for advise they were helpful and they advised to upgrade the Server, host computers, Ram, no anti-virus and more Ok we thought we give it a try and follow up on their advice. We built a new server from parts laying around. Our new setup was an 5th gen i7 cpu with 16GB of ram running Windows 7 Professional. To increase speed of the hard drive we fitted 3 solid state drives. One for the operating system 128GB and 2 x 60GB SSD in raid 0. We choose to use raid 0 for testing purpose only to increase speed. A normal hard drive writes with about 140mb’s a second. 2 SSD in raid 0 archived about 900mb’s read and write speed. 9 times more speed. That should be enough. We installed a fresh Windows 7 Professional 64bit and didn’t install a firewall or antivirus. We also deactivated IP 6 on it. Once the server was running we copied the old database onto the new raid zero SSD drive and applied sharing permission for everyone.  We connected all 4 Windows 10 computers to one of our 8 port Cisco gigabit switches to make sure there is enough speed available. Sage Server plug in was installed as well on the Server as recommended by Sage. We pointed the host computers at the new company on the network shared folder on the server and let the test start. All 4 Windows computers connected to it and we used resource manager to monitor the server workload. On the network we noticed less than 10% utilisation and it went barley over 10 m/bits sending or receiving data. All computers used a static ip address and the DNS was handled by the Cisco switch. The new server barley received workloads over 2% and was idling most of the time. The speed on the host computers was exactly as before customer records still populating very slow and system freezes sometimes. We concluded that this issue is not hardware related and keep in mind that such a server setup with a new switch can cost well over £2000 with no improvements whatsoever. We kept testing but all was the same as before on the old server, we installed all updates on Windows and Sage and on all computers firewall and antivirus was deactivated. All host PC’s running i5 Cpu with 8GB of Ram. We came to the conclusion that this must be a software problem and focused on the database / company file. The problem must be within the database itself and we noticed a 111000 customer spilt with life records. According to Sage customer service this could be a problem to have that much life data on record and they recommended a clear audit trail for the database. We keep you posted and if you have similar problems with Sage Accounts feel free to contact us or drop in to our office on 117 Ormeau Road BT7 1SH to get a second opinion before you spend a fortune on new hardware that might not solve your problem.

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