Small business NAS ( Network Attached Storage ) Drive Recovery

Small business NAS ( Network Attached Storage )  Drive Recovery

Client was using the WD my cloud NAS system to save all their business data onto with no additional backup system in place. The client was receiving and error message the WD my cloud system needed to be formatted. Unfortunately, one of the client’s staff members reformatted the drive by mistake.  The client performed a recovery themselves using some 3rd party software that they downloaded. Most entry level software is not able to recover file system from NAS drives due to their very unique structure, however, the software only recovered some data and not the essential data that they needed for their VAT return. Our data recovery specialist here in the United Kingdom, Belfast imaged all the hard drives and put the disks back in their box and then worked with the file system to rebuild the reformatted data. The job was completed within 48 hours and the client was set up with additional backup systems. The estimate was around £350 + VAT and we finished the recovery for the quoted price.

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