Iomega | Hard Drive not working | not detected | Seagate 7200.12 Clicking Sounds

Why is my Iomega Hard Drive not being dectected in Windows or Apple OS X.


Iomega hard drive “not detected” is a common problem and we offer a data recovery service to get you data back based in the United Kingdom, Belfast NI. This Iomega external hard drive came in because the customer advised the it stopped working on his Apple iMac and MacBook. It also made some clicking sounds when plugged in via USB. We took the outside enclosure apart to gain better access to the drive. This Iomega hard drive was fitted with a 1TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 drive. Those hard drive got already problems and got the nick name “ 12 clicks of death “ and you can find those drive in LaCie hard drives as well. Clicking sounds suggest that either there are bad sectors and the operating system freezes while accessing the drive. Two other possibilities are that the reading heads are damaged or the firmware on the mainboard becomes malfunction. In any of those cased you would need a professional data recovery service to get your data back. You can hear in the short video below the clicking sounds the Iomega


hard drive is making and Windows or OS X have problems detecting it. We have specialist machines that either allow to recover data securely or make changes in the firmware to unbrick it. To understand better a firmware issue, you can compare it with a remote control on a car and suddenly the remote won’t unlock your car anymore because it doesn’t detect it.  Our United Kingdom based Data recovery service can make such changes to the firmware and get your data back. This Iomega hard drive had bad sectors and was running for about 24000 hours. Our special imaging tools allowed to copy all the data from the drive onto a new one in less than 3 hours with all data intact. If you have questions about our data recovery service feel free to contact us by phone, email or chat 24/7. We promise that we don’t charge for looking at hard drives and offer a professional free diagnostic in house service and provide a fixed price quotation for your piece of mind.



Here is a video where you can hear the Iomega drive hitting bad sectors and not being detected.



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