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Do you need a professional Data Recovery Service in the United Kingdom for your Dell Inspiron 15 5000 laptop or notebook hard disk drive failure? Is your Dell 5000 still under warranty but you need the data back as soon as possible? We can help you with our professional Data Recovery Service.

This week we had a Dell Inspiron in that had a failed 2TB Seagate Hard Drive. Dell offered to replace the Seagate Hard Drive under warranty but could do nothing about the data on the Dell Laptop. They offered a 48 hour on site service repair in Belfast. Since a warranty repair was involved and our Data Recovery Service had 24

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hours’ time to recover the data and put the faulty hard drive back into the Dell laptop for the Dell service request. Here is how we handled this data recovery job. Customer requested a service repair request with Dell and they offered a 48 hour on site hard drive replacement. We received the Dell Laptop 24 hours beforehand took the faulty hard drive out and started the data recovery process. The 2 TB Seagate 2.5 Hard Drive had a lot bad sectors but data was recovered at a rate of 98% success in 12 hours. Once we got the data off the Dell Hard Drive we fitted the defect hard drive back into the Dell Inspiron which is now ready for the Dell warranty repair the next day. Once the new

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hard drive was fitted by Dell the customer brought back the Dell and we used the recovered Data and copied all his recovered Data back on the new hard drive. That way no warranty is affected and everybody is happy. In regards to prices you have to understand the quick turnaround time comes at a premium data recover price. The total job cost to get the data of the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 was £350 including VAT. Do you have a similar problem and need your Data back from your Dell Laptop? Contact us today for more advise 24-7! Contact us by clicking on the email: or call                         028 9543 8520


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