Seagate 2TB Data Recovery Service for a Business with Sage Database

Today we had in a Seagate 2TB Barracuda Hard Disk Drive that needed Data Recovery


Emergency Data Recovery Request from a Belfast Business. Today we had in a Seagate 2TB Barracuda Hard Disk Drive that needed Data Recovery from a local accounting Firm in Northern Ireland. The Seagate Hard Disk Drive contained a Sage Data Base that was required to process salary and supplier payments. The actual PC running the Sage Database was damaged during a power surge on Monday and there was no life sign in the Seagate Hard Drive.

Prices from competitors where quoted over £350 + VAT with a turnaround time of 5 days which is pretty much standard in the Data Recovery Industry for a professional company but the customer decided to go-ahead with our Belfast based data recovery service in the hope that Data could be recovered much faster.  And they were right to go ahead with our Data Recovery Service. We keep most parts and drive in stock and offer a same day Business Data Recovery Service. Customer arrived at 7am in the morning as requested by them and in under 30 minutes a faulty mainboard and capacitors where replaced including the firmware and access data transfer to the new pcb from the old Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive.

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No clean room work was required and the drive was spinning up again allowing for Data access. In under 40 minutes the Sage Database file where extracted with DeepSpar imaging tools and transferred to a usb pen drive. The customer was all over the moon and surprised to see work done professional and quick at our standard Data Recovery rate of £299.99.

After the customer left we recovered an additional 480GB of business day from the drive before it died for good. The additional Data was send to the customer on a loaned Hard Drive the same day tracked via Royal Mail. Are you a Business based in Northern Ireland and you are in a similar situation contact us today and talk to our friendly Data Recovery Techies? Business Data cannot wait to be shipped to the UK Mainland and recovered. Our Belfast Based Data Recovery Service is available 24/7. We recover Data from Monday to Sunday for you. Our Business Data Recovery Service is in huge demand and please make an appointment by calling us or drop us an email. We get back to you with any Data Recovery question in under 1 hour.




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