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Did your Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba or Samsung HGST Hard Disk Drive, USB Pen Drive, NAS or Raid Server fail? You do not have any backups and your only and last options is a professional Data Recover Service in the United Kingdom?  Do not panic yet and we might be able to help you with our professional UK wide Data Recovery Service. From Apple iMac & MacBook’s to Hard Disk Drives to Servers and Raid system. We get your Data back. Data Recovery can be an expensive expenditure and to make it a little easier for you we now offer a 12-month free / no interest payment option on all our Data Recovery Jobs &


Services in the United Kingdom including PC’s, Servers, NAS, PAS, Apple finance Data Recovery.  The offer is for businesses and individuals who would like to get their data back but cannot pay the full amount right away.  With our Data Recovery finance payment option you get the same service and price for Data Recovery but have the option to spread the cost for the data recovery service over 11 interest free payments. It is easy to apply and very little paperwork is required. Our no data no fee policy applies to finance options as well and you would only have to pay if you are happy with the recovered data we provide. Our director never handed





over data to a customer he wasn’t happy with or was of no use for the customer. We do not use aggressive sales tactics nor do we employee a sales team. You always will speak to a technician or a manager. We offer finance and free credit payment options for any of our Data Recovery Services and try to have you approved the same day. Finance for our Data Recovery is available to individuals, sol traders, limited companies, schools, colleges, Universities, charities and not for profit organisations. We offer Data Recover finance and credit for Seagate, Western Digital, HGST Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba, LaCie, SanDisk, Crucial, NAS




A full list of NAS Data Recovery Services and Companies we perform Data Recovery work can be found here:



Agami Systems, Apple Inc, AMAX Information Technologies, Asus, Avere Systems

BlueArc, Buffalo, Broadberry Data Systems, Cisco Systems, Conceptronic

CTERA Networks, Dane-Elec Data Robotics,  D-Link, Dell, Drobo, EMC Corporation,

Exanet, eRacks, eSys Technologies, Freecom, Gluster, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Infortrend

Intel, Iomega, ioSafe, Isilon, iXsystems, LaCie, LG Electronics, Linksys, Buffalo / Melco

MPC Computers, MRT Communication LTD, NEC, Netgear, NetApp, Ocarina

OpenMediaVault, Oracle, Overland Storage, Panasas, Philips, Pillar Data Systems,

Plextor, PLX Technology, Proware Technology Corporation, Promise Technology

QNAP Systems, Raidix, Seagate / Maxtor, SGI, supermicro, Synology, TEAC,

Thecus, T-Com, USRobotics, Western Digital, Zadara Storage, ZyXEL



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