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Do you have a Drobo NAS or DAS Storage device and suddenly all your data got lost or became corrupted? Did you contact Drobo support and they advised you to use a backup to get your Data back from your Drobo Storage device. Most people use a Drobo storage as a backup storage unit  and think they are save. We offer a UK & EU wide Professional Drobo Data Recovery Service if you do not have a backup in place to recover your data. Drobo's BeyondRAID technology can be very challenging to recover data. We had a Drobo Storage in this week for Data Recovery and Drobo's




BeyondRAID technology is not a Raid system you would expect. It is very close to Raid 5 or Raid 1 but uses its own beyond raid technology and their own partition system over the file system. In my opinion, a nightmare to recover.  If suddenly all your data disappears from your Drobo Storage or red lights go off I’d not recommend to use it any further and get professional help from a Data Recovery Service. You should never work on the actual hard drives and the first step we do is to image all Drobo storage hard disk drives with our DeepSpar

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imager. We might even have to replace the heads on the hard disk as well depending on the damage. This Drobo 4 bay PAS storage device had 2 failed hard drives and a lot of bad sectors. Drobo storage uses a similar technology to TRIM you can find on SSD drives and could permanently delete all Data on your drives for good. That’s why the first step is always to image and work of cloned hard disk drives. Drobo meta data is similar to raid meta data but most professional Data Recovery Software such as R-Studio




UFS Explorer have a hard time getting data of them. We ran all 4 cloned hard drives through R-Studio and UFS. File and Folder structure was found but it seemed either deleted or damaged. Maybe 30% of Data would be useful to recover. Not that great but a good start. There is another software solution out there called Reclaimme Pro but at around £750 for 1 year not a viable solution for the end customer. We have Reclaimme Pro and running all 4 drives through them with their Drobo partition support worked very well. Data test gave only minor errors and Data

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Recovery rate went up to 98%. Another thing you can try is to image all hard disk drives from your Drobo Storage device, after that max out LBA’s on each cloned drive and put the cloned drives back into the Drobo storage unit. Let it sit for at least 24 hours and you might be really lucky that it starts to restore itself back the way it was with a valid partition and file system. There is no guarantee and it all depends on the Drobo meta Data on each drive and the Drobo firmware. We used Reclaimme Pro to restore 5.5TB of customer Data. Data Recovery on a Drobo



Storage Device can take days and unfortunately comes at a premium price. Expect between £1000 - £2000 for such a Data Recovery job. If you have more question, need some advice about your Drobo and what can be done in regards to Data Recovery on your Drobo Storage device feel free to contact me. I never charged for just looking at a Drobo NAS & PAS storage device. Call me any day of the week including the weekend to get a better our Data Recovery Services 028 9543 8520

Drobo Storage Data Recovery Service



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