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Today we had in a Seagate 2TB Barracuda Hard Disk Drive that needed Data Recovery


Has your business or home computer been infected with a crypto locker ransomware virus or malware and now all your files have been encrypted and cannot be accessed anymore? Maybe you got hit by another variant of it such as Petya, WannaCry and many of its variants. Your external backup drives were encrypted by ransomware as well and you need your files and data back. We helped many UK businesses to get their data back after the hard drives were encrypted and the hackers asking for bitcoins in the thousands of pounds to get it unlocked. There is no guarantee even if you pay that you will get data your back. Crypto viruses such as Cryptex are hard to come by and require skilled forensic work to decrypt them. Protecting against ransomware is very difficult and most security companies advise to pay or take a loss. If you are in a situation where your business has been affected by Cryptex ransomware viruses or variants of it and cannot work anymore feel free to contact us for advice and cost to recover data. We only charge on successful jobs and could be cheaper than the actual ransom. Ransomware removal can be done such as crypto viruses and many more. Our prices to remove ransomware viruses and decrypt the hard disk drives in your server or computer can only be estimated once we diagnosed the drive in our main lab. Once the ransomware virus diagnoses is done we can advise further what data can be recovered and the actual costs. If you have been infected by the latest ransomware you



Ransomeware | Crypto Virus | Data Recovery | Removal Service | UK




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also need to figure out how the ransomware virus got into your network and how to prevent further attacks in the future. We recently noticed a lot of hacks into networks via Windows Remote Desktop or Team Viewer. Sometimes the email system is getting compromised and hackers are able to gain access to the remote desktop passwords. Same goes for TeamViewer. We can further advise and talk about our findings. Once the hackers gain access via RDC or TeamViewer the uninstall the security software on servers and release their crypto virus onto the server. All computers that are connected via shared folders can be easily affected as well and your whole business might become compromised. We had cases in where hackers where able to gain access very easy even with security in place such as VPN, IP blocking and much more. The threat is real and should not be underestimated. Small to big businesses can be affected a like by ransomware attacks and a proper backup strategy should be in place. In case you do not have one talk to us for a quick chat and some advice. Our Belfast Based Data Recovery Service is available 24/7. We recover Data from Monday to Sunday for you. Our Business Data Recovery Service is in huge demand and please make an appointment by calling us or drop us an email. We get back to you with any Data Recovery Ransomware Service question in under 1 hour.




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