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Is your aging MacBook running slow but you do not want to buy a new one yet? Well, there are several solutions to speed it up without spending a fortune on a new one. Normally we do Recover Data from Apple MacBook’s but this time we were asked to perform an upgrade. I did 2 videos to show you what improvements we did and how much real world performance you can expect. Video 1 shows the original configuration a 2008 MacBook with a 160GB hard drive and 2GB of Ram. The upgrade was performed on a budget to get the most for his money. I prefer Samsung 850 Pro SSD Drives but customer opt in for a Crucial 275GB SSD and 8GB of Ram.  Since we are a UK, Belfast based business we love data and can make such an upgrade safely without losing any of your Data.

Once the process is done all your apps, pictures etc.. will


be there the way they were before the upgrade. We clone the old hard drive first via our imaging tools. You can expect a couple bad sectors here and there that might have caused issues in the past already ( freezing ) Once all your Data is cloned the new solid state drive is fitted with the ram and it should boot as normal. We had a boot time of 2.16min before the upgrade and after the boot time was around 40 seconds including open safari on boot.  Once the new parts were working fine, we run Disk Warrior to repair errorss over the time created by OS X. The last but final step is increasing the partition size from 160GB to the actual SSD size of 275GB. Apple OS X Disk Utilities are not as good as you hopped for this job and every time we tried to increase the partition size we got errors. Disk Utilities didn’t say why but if you ever upgrade and clone a drive for your


MacBook you have to understand how the partitions are in place. With an SSD after the cloning you have following partition setup 200mb EFI partition 1| 155GB main hard drive partition | 1.2GB Recovery partition | and 70GB of empty free space. The problem is that disk utility by default cannot increase your 155GB partition and add the 70GB of free space because the recovery partition prevents it from doing so. The trick is here to deleted the recovery partition so you have following 200mb EFI – 155GB Hard Drive – 70GB unused free space. Once the Recovery partition is gone disk utility can now increase the size to a total of 275GB. Job done. If you live in Northern Ireland and you want to have your MacBook professional upgraded feel free to contact us for a free estimate



Apple MacBook 2008 before the upgrade was done. Boot time was around 2.16min



Look how fast the MacBook 2008 got after fitting a new SSD and adding more Ram


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