Are you concerned that a current or former employee was stealing digital company data from you?  When faced with a departing or disgruntled employee, a key concern for all employers is that the employee will take valuable and confidential business information in order to use or (perhaps more accurately) misuse it in their next role. We notice an increase in digital data theft from employees in the last couple years. Stealing Company Data Results in Criminal Record but you need to prove it.


Most data theft such as details of the employer's customers is being send to employee’s personal email addresses before starting a role with a rival company. Documents can contain personal information including the contact details of clients, as well as purchase history and commercially sensitive information. Also, we see an increased use of company data being copied to external hard drives and usb pen drives. Stealing company data is a crime and can result in a criminal record. We always recommend to have security software in place that actively monitors certain events. Most small and medium sized business either do not have such security in place or are hesitant to use it.


Do you believe or are you concerned that an employee stole your digital company business data? Contact us today to find out how we can help you. We offer a digital forensic service for Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Our job is to find forensic evidence that such an incident has happened by analysing data and providing an expert witness forensic report and also give expert witness statements in any UK court if necessary. Your company should also involve its internal IT Security department or an outside IT security specialist to assess and remedy the data breach, and ensure that your Company has a full understanding of what data and/or documents were accessed and transferred, as well as to preserve the electronic evidence of the incident. Additionally, depending upon the nature of the information taken by the employee(s) and any contractual obligations implicated, your Company may have an obligation to report a data breach, particularly if the employee has shared the purloined data with unauthorized third parties.


We can help and are specialist in finding evidence on your employee’s computer, laptop or mobile phone and compile the information and finding in an easy to understand report that can be used by your solicitor, barrister, police or in court as evidence.


Why choose us for finding forensic evidence. First of all, we care about every job we do and go the last mile for our customers. Sometimes it can take days to get results and finding. We treat every case like no other case and employee only highly trained people who enjoy what they do. The owner Nico, is from Germany and his approach to details and straight forward communication is outstanding. We don’t employee account managers or sales stuff and offer a personal 24/7 communication service via phone and email to you, your solicitor or any 3rd party you authorised to work with us.


Prices depends on the actual work that needs to be done and in any cases, we need access to the device to start our investigation. We never perform work on any devices and use advanced imaging (cloning) process. The forensic process is accomplished in a way at the beginning of the process the data is forensically imaged as not to affect the integrity of the original media. The forensic copy, not the original, is processed by manual methods and a variety of forensic software ready for analysis by a qualified digital forensic expert. That way we can try different approaches and don’t destroy evidence on the original drive. Analysis and Data Discovery: Our computer forensic team uses special techniques in order to recover data. Once the material was discovered, it will be analysed to identify the author, to know when the material was created or deleted, and to learn about its relevance to a specific situation. This is one of the most crucial phase in computer forensic investigation, thus we see to it that it is being handled carefully to protect any sensitive and valuable information. We offer our Forensic Data Recovery Expert Witness Service in Belfast, Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom and can attend court hearings as an expert witness. Contact us today for more information and how we can help.

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