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Welcome to our Belfast Northern Ireland based professional specialist Apple Mac Repair Service. You can find us “Apple Techies “ on 117 Ormeau Road BT7 1SH in Belfast. We have free parking available for our customers and recommend to make an appointment by phone, chat or email to ensure that one of our Techies has time for you and you do not have to wait too long. It gets even better we offer the same Apple Repair Service on Saturday and Sunday as well for the same price. Our Techies repair Apple Mac Computers for more than 10 years and have a strong knowledge of all Apple products. We offer a total Apple Service including a Professional Apple Data Recovery Service in house. We do not outsource our jobs and try to get an Apple repair done in under 48 hours. Most customers come to us with an accidental dropped MacBook or a failed Hard Drive.




Disk Drive on their iMac. In most cases we can recover all Data and repair the damage to the iMac or MacBook. After an accident, you can find damages to the Apple hard disk drive and the LCD screen. Both repairs can be performed in house in less than 2 days. We get quite a few battery replacements in for MacBook’s as well but mostly we see customers coming in to upgrade their 2008 – 2012 MacBook with a Solid State Drive and more RAM. Upgrading an old MacBook with a Solid State Drive makes a big difference in boot time and open up applications. You can find 2 videos below showing a MacBook before and after the upgrade with Ram and a Solid State Hard Disk Drive. Our Techies do not stop there and we make sure that all your Data and Apps will be transferred over without a need for you to reinstall anything. No time machine backup required.


Apple Mac MaleWare and Virus Removal



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Whenever you collect your Apple MacBook after an upgrade, repair or Data Recovery job one of our techs normally spends some time with you explaining in detail what repair or Apple Data Recovery job was performed and can give some more Apple advice on how to prevent future problems. Sometimes your MacBook gets liquid or water damaged or your Mac OS X becomes corrupted. From non booting to ultrasonic & Apple board level repair we cover it all. Why don’t you come for a chat? We never charged for looking at an Apple device and we provide a fixed price quote and estimate for all Apple repair jobs before we commence any Apple repair job. We don’t charge for Apple diagnostics. Give a 90 day warranty on all Apple repairs and offer a No Fix- No Fee guarantee on all our work.


We can help you with your Mac if you have:

Startup or Power problems      Hardware issues      Installation & Updates Problem      Software & Usage      Internet Connectivity       Apple Mac Data Recovery Service


Have you ever wondered what difference a Solid State Drive upgrade in an Apple Mac can do. Watch both videos below and you will be suprpised. 


Before a Solid State Drive Upgrade MacBook 2008                                                                          After a Solid State Drive Upgrade MacBook 2008

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