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Are you a business owner in Belfast or Northern Ireland and concerned that you do not have a backup solution for your office or business? Are you running a backup in your office at all? Every day businesses in Northern Ireland are creating and accumulating data they need to protect from loss. Of course, it’s absolutely vital to prevent business data from getting out of your organization – but are you sure you can get it back if you do lose your business data?


The growing threat for businesses in Northern Ireland of ransomware like Crypto Locker and Crypto Wall in the past couple of years has underscored the importance of backups, but it’s not only malware and viruses that can destroy your important business data and files. There are many ways to lose data, from theft or accidental loss of a device to device failures, data base corruptions (Sage for example) and natural disasters (water damage, fire).


Business data backups (Back Up) are critical for keeping your business up and running when a data disaster strikes. So, in recognition of these stark facts we’re providing custom data backup storage services and solutions to preserve and protect your data in Northern Ireland for small and mid-sized businesses.  Please read more below about what makes us different compared to our back up solutions competitors in Northern Ireland.


We provide the Best Storage Backup Solutions and Services in Northern Ireland

Only a fully tested Backup & Restore is a professional Backup Solution. – Nothing Else



Northern Ireland Belfast Protecting Data and Systems   

Deploy & Advice for Protecting Data and Storage Systems in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Belfast Redundant copies of Data to protect you from Ransomware   

Redundant copies of Data to protect you from Ransomware in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Cloud and Personal Storage Solutions   

Private – Personal & Public Cloud Backup Solutions in Northern Ireland




Databases and Virtual Machines Backup Services in Northern Ireland


Disaster Business Data Recovery Service in Northern Ireland. 24/7 Service Provided


Maintenance and Servicing Backup Server - NAS Storage Systems in Northern Ireland


Why we are better at providing Backup Storage Solutions and Services in Northern Irleand


What makes us different from our competitor? My name is Nico Albrecht and I am the owner of this business from Germany that came to Northern Ireland 7 years ago. My business is transparent and fair and I am always personally available for my customers if they have a backup storage questions or when disaster strikes. Our main business are Data Recovery jobs and that’s what we do best. Every day we get corrupted or failed hard disk drives in from businesses all over Northern Ireland from Computers to Apple Macs to Raid Servers and NAS Storage devices they all contain valuable business Data. Insurance companies, Universities, Accounting businesses and many more rely on us to get there data back and always ask me what can we do to make sure we are protected the next time it happens. Therefore, I decided to offer backup storage services and solutions as well at a price a small and medium sized business can afford in Northern Irleand. We have a deep understanding why data fails and what manufactures can cause the most problems. 


  • protect your business

  • disaster recovery

  • incremental backup

  • data backup

  • cloud storage

  • online private storage

An IT companie only sells you’re their prefered equipment but we keep track of server nas and hard disk drive failure rates and are aware of challenges that come from different manufactures. Therefore, we are better of advising and supplying backup solutions that work and what is actual required to have a solid backup strategy in place. Our understanding of how Data is written and tied into existing systems and possible corruptions makes as a much better choice in Northern Ireland to ensure that your business Data is well protected.

We see a lot of backup servers running raid setups for a decade doing backups and suddenly fail. Restoring a backup in some cases doesn’t work because the backup was corrupted as well. That can happen years ago and you only notice it now. A Sage Data base got corrupted and you do not have incremental backups in place you have a serious problem on your hand and can stop your business from operating. Ransomware encrypted your business data and you come to us to get the data recovered.


  • we maintain and service your backups

  • we built your backup system

  • develop backup strategy

  • Windows & Mac backup solutions

  • cloud business storage

  • offer best backup service

There is almost zero chance to recover such data and your only options are to either pay the ransom or have off site backups in place. We can help you to make sure your business data is protected and even inspect running systems provided by 3rd parties. How many times business bought something and it failed later showing up at our doorstep and asking to get their data recovered.

Data recovery is not cheap and can cost between £200 - £2000 on top of losses in productivity it can go up very easy to £10000- £20000 in total business losses. No Data Backup Solutions is perfect and a company that offers 100% backup solutions should be considered lying to you and giving you a good sales pitch but the reality is that a 100% solution is not possible.

Contact us for help, advise and any other question you might have about Data Backup solutions in Northern Ireland. We care about what we do with Data and give you a fair reliable honest service.


  • we protect your business

  • can encrypt your backups

  • built your own personal cloud

  • offer diaster recovery

  • in house Data Recovery

  • 24/7 on site support for your business

We offer our small to medium sized business Disaster Data Recovery and Backup Solutions Service all over Northern Ireland including Antrim Armagh Ballyclare Ballymena Ballymoney Banbridge Bangor Belfast Carrickfergus Coleraine Comber Cookstown Craigavon (incl. Lurgan, Portadown) Derry (Londonderry) Dungannon Enniskillen Holywood Limavady Lisburn Magherafelt Newcastle Newry Newtownabbey Newtownards Newtownbreda Omagh Portstewart Strabane Warrenpoint / Burren

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