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Belfast based Data Recovery Service for SD Cards, USB Sticks – Pen Drives and Flash Memory Cards. Did your SD card, USB memory stick | Pen Thumb Drive, mobile phone or flash media get damaged and you can’t access your data anymore? Don’t panic, you need our Belfast based Data Recovery Service. We can help you to get back your valuable Business and Personal Data back today. Data went missing such as years of pictures or documents with our professional UK wide data recovery service we can help you. Our aim is to get your Data Recovered in under 48 hours or the same day starting from £90 including VAT. You only pay if you are happy with the results and we never charged for diagnosing your device or would ask for money up front.




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  1. Contact us by phone, email or chat. We do not employee sales people and you only speak to a qualified Data Recovery Techie.
  2. It is very difficult to estimate the actual cost for Data Recovery until we run diagnostics and exam your device. All diagnostic work is none destructive or damaging and prices range from £89.99 - £350 per device.
  3. Bring your device in and have a chat with us while we evaluate your device
  4. At that stage, we can give you a price for the Data Recovery and what Data can be recovered
  5. We recover the Data for you in 24 – 48 hours. Sometimes we can even get your most important files back on the spot. This can be helpful if you are a teacher, business, University or have important dissertation work on it. That way you get your Data as fast as possible. We do not outsource our work.
  6. Once we recovered all your Data we provide you with a full file list of the recovered Data by email or call you. At this stage, you can decide to pay the agreed price and get your data back or you can collect your device free of charge.
  7. We think that way you have better cost control and we never charged a customer for data he wasn’t happy with or didn’t want. Call it a hassle-free Data Recovery Business.

What is Data recovery? We believe it is an art form and every job comes with its own challenges. We love what we do and try our best to get 100% of your data back within 48 hours. We are local to Belfast, Northern Ireland and fully confidential.

We are registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act. You can Post us your device or come to us in person for a free assessment and diagnoses. Our full address is 117 Ormeau Road BT7 1SH on the 2nd floor.

If you unsure about your problem or want a second opinion just contact us via phone, email or online chat to request a free quote 24/7. We are Techies who love what we do and we like to keep stuff simple. we are not sales people would never ask for money upfront and offer a No Data No Fee piece of mind promise. Let us work hard to get your data back with zero risk for you today. Don’t wait call now.


USB Flash Stick | USB Pen Drive | Data Recovery Services

USB Flash Stick | USB Pen Drive | Data Recovery Services

Has your USB Stick or Flash Pen Drive got erased or broken down?   Get your Data back today for..

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SD Memory Card | Data Recovery Service | UK

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Flash Media Data Recovery Service in Belfast

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Android |  Mobile Phone | Data Recovery Service | United Kingdom

Android | Mobile Phone | Data Recovery Service | United Kingdom

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Call us 24/7 for more information and Data Recovery Questions.

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Data Recovery Service for Apple Macbook Pro Touch Bar with soldered SSD and T2 chip.   All Macbook years covered from 2008-2015 | 2016, 2017, 2018,2019 and newer 16” 2020 MacBook Pro models with or without Touch Bar. We offer a walk in and mail in Apple Macbook Data Recovery Service. No outsourcing of jobs or sales people involved.   According to Apple, there's no way to retrieve data..
The “Das Beast“ Ultimate hard disk drive and SSD sanitization on-site securely erase Appliance for any operating system. A Quick & Inexpensive Digital Data Destroyer, Wipe and Eraser Machine build by Data Recovery Experts and Digital Forensics Techies to Erase or Wipe Multiple Hard DIK Drives to Industry Standards such as DOD 5220.22-m Best Data Wipe Erasure Hardware and Software Solution in ..
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Apple MacBook Pro | 2017 - 2018 | 15" Touchbar | Data Recovery | Liquid damaged | Soldered SSD       Last week we had an Apple Macbook Pro 15” 2017/18 Touch Bar in for Data recovery. The Macbook Pro was liquid damaged and didn’t turn on anymore. Whenever NicoGroup Data Recovery received the Macbook Pro Touch Bar it was completely dead. Also, the customer went to the Apple Store..