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Belfast Northern Ireland & UK Wide Data Recovery Service. We’re here to help 24/7. Even on a Sunday! Accidents such as dropping your Hard Disk Drive, power surges, mechanical failures and data corruption can happen anytime. It happens when you least expect it and you need your personal or business data most. That’s why we work 7 days a week and don’t charge extra on the weekends to recover your Hard Disk Drive Data. Don’t panic, here at Belfast Data Recovery Services in Belfast Northern Ireland we can help you to get back your valuable Business or Personal Data such as years of pictures or documents the same day.

Prices for Data Recovery have different price ranges and can go from £149.95 to £350 for a single Hard Disk Drive or USB Pen Drive. But do not get scared yet we advise after our free diagnostic how much it is going to be and then you can decide. We do not take money upfront and only charge you if you are happy with the Data recovered.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Belfast



  1. Contact us by phone, email or chat. We do not employee sales people and you only speak to a qualified Data Recovery Techie.
  2. It is very difficult to estimate the actual cost for Data Recovery until we run diagnostics and exam your device. All diagnostic work is none destructive or damaging and prices range from £149.95 - £350 per device.
  3. Bring your device in and have a chat with us while we evaluate your device
  4. At that stage, we can give you a price for the Data Recovery and what Data can be recovered
  5. We recover the Data for you in 24 – 48 hours. Sometimes we can even get your most important files back on the spot. This can be helpful if you are a teacher, business, University or have important dissertation work on it. That way you get your Data as fast as possible. We do not outsource our work.
  6. Once we recovered all your Data we provide you with a full file list of the recovered Data by email or call you. At this stage, you can decide to pay the agreed price and get your data back or you can collect your device free of charge.
  7. We think that way you have better cost control and we never charged a customer for data he wasn’t happy with or didn’t want. Call it a hassle-free Data Recovery Business. 

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  Data Recovery Price Guidline for Windows & Apple OS X Data Recovery 

Disk Level Problems such as Bad Sectors & Blocks. Deleted Data or Corrupted Data.




Data Recovery from £175.95 including VAT

Firmware and Electrical Issues: Not Spinning Up, Power Surges, Bricked Firmware.



Data Recovery from £249.95 including VAT


Clicking or Grinding Sounds: Not Recognized. Clean Room work required.




Data Recovery from £299.95 including VAT


UK Wide Data Recovery Services.

UK Data Recovery Services | External Hard Drive

24/7 Data Recovery Services. We work hard for you. Even on Sundays



What is Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery? We believe it is an art form and every job comes with its own challenges. We love what we do and try our best to get 100% of your data back for a fair price within 48 hours. Most of the time we have your data within hours. We are local to Belfast Northern Ireland but offer our Data Recovery Service UK wide. All Data Recovery work fully confidential to the highest standard and tools. We are registered with the ICO under the Data Protection Act as well. You can find us in South Belfast, UK on the lower Ormeau Road. Our full address is 117 Ormeau Road BT7 1SH on the 2nd floor. If you unsure about your problem or want a second

opinion contact us today by phone or email. We answer all emails and provide estimates in under 1 hour. You can contact us via phone, email or online chat to request a free quote and diagnostic. We are Techies who love what we do and we like to keep stuff simple. We are not sales people would never ask for money upfront and offer a No Data No Fee promise for peace of mind. We offer a free UK wide post in Data Recovery service for you as well or you can come by in person. Accidents can happen. Let us work hard to get your data back with zero risk for you today. Don’t wait call now. Prices for our Hard Drive Data Recovery Service start from £120 incl. VAT


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