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Don’t get caught by hefty fines or the possibility that your digital data is accessible to a 3rd party once you retire or donate your devices such as MacBook’s iMac, Computers and Laptops.


Even external hard drives and USB sticks could contain confidential data.

Did you know that as a business you have the obligation to ensure that customer data you collected has been destroyed securely and is unrecoverable. It can be a lot of hassle specially for smaller business but nothing would be more embarrassing or costly for you having your customer data, confidential business information or personal information ending up with a 3rd party or on the internet. 

Many businesses were fined by the ICO for selling their formatted hard drives on online platforms.


Formatting an erasing a drive does not guarantee that data is permanently destroyed. Businesses are using more mobile devices these days and factory resets on a mobile phone such as iPhones, Samsung’s or iPad s with IOS or Android systems are not enough to erase sensitive data and it still allows for recovering personal confidential data such as contacts, photo, word and pdf files.

How can we make sure that your digital Data is destroyed or that your device has been securely wiped?

Keep in mind that we are a data recovery business in Belfast on 117 Ormeau Road BT7 1SH with many years’ experience recovering data from broken hard drives or recover deleted files from USB sticks, SD cards and tablets.

We do understand how data works and therefore have a bette understanding of how to sanitize and destroy digital data. The business owner is from Germany and has invested in specialist machines that sanitize with DoD 5220.22-M, RCMP TSSIT OPS-II, Guttmann, Random Data, Write Zero algorithms. This assures that a drive or computer can be donated or sold on with no data left on it to be recovered.

It doesn’t cost a fortune and can be done on your premises or you can drop it off. Either way you will receive a certificate including the serial number of the hard drive and the method of destruction or sanitizing. We offer a physical destruction service as well on and off site and recycle it according to local council regulations. Pricing starts from £7.50 + VAT per drive. We also offer an office setup where we remotely wipe all connected computers via a temporary server. That way we can wipe as many PC’s via network boot as you have overnight and your data never leaves your business.

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