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If you use PC’s, Apple or Computers you have hard drives or solid-state drives in them. Does your business have a file servers or backup tapes to store personal, clients or financial data, it’s essential that you deal with them securely when the time comes to discard or upgrade them to be fully GDPR compliant


What is Hard Drive and Tape degaussing?


Degaussing is a pre-destruction degaussing process often used by the UK Governments and UK military forces to destroy data for good. It is the technical process of securely sanitising magnetic media from hard drives and tapes that contains sensitive information to render the data irretrievable and to become fully GDPR compliant.

Data thieves can sometimes recover and read digital data even after it’s been deleted or overwritten. Degaussing uses a powerful magnetic field to completely remove the data from tapes and hard drives so that it can never be read again.

Products recommended for this process are removable magnetic media such as hard drives, backup tapes and floppy disks.


Degaussing service in Northern Ireland and Belfast.


We can carry out degaussing either at your business offices, with our mobile unit, or at our own secure premises on 117 Ormeau Road.

We use a machine that is approved by both NATO and the UK government to securely wipe your data. It also meets the standards set by both the US Department of Defence and the National Security Agency. We are in Northern Ireland but not it shows how save and secure this way is of destroying client and business data for good.


Degaussing & shredding hard drives and tapes


Some companies and agencies in Northern Ireland prefer their data to be erased before digital media are destroyed. To meet this need, we can offer a combined degaussing & shredding services in our office or come to you offices.

This service is available on-site, off-site or in any combination in Northern Ireland. For example, companies or agencies using our off-site destruction service may prefer degaussing on-site before the media is transported for destruction at our depots. Or we can perform degaussing and shredding on-site anywhere in Northern Ireland.

Our services are flexible and we tailor the service to meet your business requirements in Northern Ireland and Belfast.


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Rent | Hire | Hard Disk Drive | Crusher | Belfast | Northern Ireland

Rent | Hire | Hard Disk Drive | Crusher | Belfast | Northern Ireland

Rent or Hire a hard Drive Crusher today from us for your business to be GDPR compliant when it comes ..

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Rent & Hire Hard Drive and Tape Degaussers ( Eraser ) Northern Ireland, Belfast

Rent & Hire Hard Drive and Tape Degaussers ( Eraser ) Northern Ireland, Belfast

Hire or Rent a Hard Drive & Tape Degausser today from us. Service is available in Belfast and Norther..

Call 02895438520

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