• Acronis Backup for PC (v11.7) incl. AAP

Acronis Backup for PC

Acronis Backup products are designed for backing up data in small enterprises with a small number of machines and with no need for centralized management. You can install all the product components on the same machine only. You can use Centralized Dashboard to monitor multiple Acronis Backup for VMware agents installed on different hosts, but you cannot manage multiple agents centrally. In all Acronis Backup and Acronis Backup Advanced products a separate license is required for every machine/host you want to back up.


Detailed comparison

Feature Acronis Backup 11.7 Acronis Backup Advanced 11.7
Windows 10 YES YES
Windows 8/8.1 support YES YES
Windows 7 support YES YES
Windows XP support YES YES
Windows Vista support YES YES
Windows 2000 Professional support YES YES
Mac OS X support NO NO
Dynamic disks support YES YES
GPT disks support YES YES
Backup/restore YES YES
Disk imaging (sector-by-sector) YES YES
Backup to Cloud YES YES
Backup contents search YES YES
Archive encryption YES YES
VSS support YES YES
Dual destination backup (replication) YES YES
Acronis Bootable Media YES YES
WinPE plug-in YES YES
BartPE plug-in YES YES
Acronis Universal Restore YES YES
Active Restore YES YES
Convert backup to virtual machine YES YES
Acronis Disk Director Lite YES YES
Acronis Secure Zone YES YES
Store to network share or FTP YES YES
Remote installation NO YES
Centralized backup plans for multiple machines NO YES
Restore initiated from a remote machine NO YES
Centralized catalog of multiple machines data NO YES
Deduplication NO YES
Tape support NO



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Acronis Backup for PC (v11.7) incl. AAP

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