Are you looking for a professional Data Recovery service in Belfast and all over Northern Ireland UK? Then you are at the right place!

NicoGroup is a renowned hard drive data recovery service provider company. Whatever the brand, model make or operating system, NicoGroup provides expert data recovery solutions for its customers in Belfast and all over Northern Ireland UK. For over years we have remained the world leader for recovering data from all types of data loss.


Trust our experts & get your data back as we are professional data recovery service provider!


The caring professionals at NicGroup are ready to take the stress and worry out of the process of recovering your important files as we are specialized in RAID and Server Data Recovery, dropped Hard Drives, Apple Mac Data Recovery, USB Pen Drives, SSD (Solid State ) data recoveries and NAS Drives.

Being data recovery professionals, we have the ability to recover files from many different types of storage media like:


  • Solid State data recovery service
  • Forensic Data Theft Investigation
  • External USB Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery Service
  • Server | NAS Data Recovery
  • Apple Macbook, iMac Data Recovery Service
  • USB Pen Drive & SB Card Data Recovery
  • Ransomeware Data Recovery

NicoGroup’s data recovery professionals share a few important facts:

  • The actual specific problem must be known in order to recover your data.
  • This problem must be fixed before the data recovery process can continue.
  • You can’t access your data because there is a problem with your device.
  • To a certain degree, the storage device has to work the way it did before. (This is true in cases with desktop hard drives, laptop and some SSDs. Flash drives and Memory cards are not affected by this)

Our exceptional and real time data recovery process includes utilizing the latest technology, engineered by the masters in data recovery services development.


How a data recovery expert safeguards your data?


Every process is performed by a qualified and certified NicoGroup data recovery specialist, in house and onsite, where we safely open your drive in a clean room environment to give you an accurate assessment of the drive.

A professional data recovery company will provide a level of service as well as reliability that you can count on. Nicogroup’s free evaluation and shipping to our facility (on standard cases), offers you the upfront advantage as well as confidence in trusting Nicogroup to successfully recover your data every time.


Business Data Recovery Services

Our data recovery experts have successfully recovered data for many types of clients ranging from residential, education, government, business, and large corporate entities. When your files, information and folders are inaccessible you need a leading data recovery center with the right technology and experienced engineers, to recover things most important to you.


Our 5 Step Recovery Process Includes:

  • Evaluation of the device: An audible, visual & mechanical inspection of the media is performed as well as documented.
  • Imaging Process: Your media is safely cloned on a bit level to make sure 100% preservation of recoverable data.
  • Status Report: Where the File/Folder Tree is intact this will be provided for approval & verification.
  • Data Transfer: Your data is returned to you on your considered storage media.


You have options when it comes to NicoGroup. You can fill out our secure form for a free online quote within 12 hours, or visit our service center.

NicoGroup expert data recovery services provide solutions for almost all types of media as well as devices that have suffered mechanical, electrical, and logical damage on a wide range of operating systems.


Apple use third party data recovery companies like NicoGroup!

Popular companies like Apple and Dell do not do actual data recovery themselves as some of the IT and computer repair companies are not “specialized” in data recovery like professional data recovery services. They do not have the certifications, nor the equipment required to do repairs and other procedures followed by professional recovery companies which helps you get your files back.


Advanced Data Recovery Technology

We have all the latest disk recovery technology, and a team of talented engineers familiar with all configurations, servers, hard disk drives as well as any USB Flash removable media.

They simply have the ability to connect servers to a computer, and see if the computer will recognize the drive in order to do a software level recovery. With many years of experience, we are the name you can trust with the most difficult data recovery cases.

No matter what’s wrong with your storage device, our recovery experts have the experience as well as technology to handle the situation quickly and securely.

Our engineers have cutting edge training, and years of experience in recovering lost documents as well as files due to unforeseen events such as power outages, windows updates, drive, physical damage, and system failures, or water/fire/smoke damage.

TIP: More than 90% of the companies that claim to do data recovery do not have the proper technology to safely recover data from most data recovery conditions. They do not have the tools or the knowledge professional data recovery companies have.



Contact Now

Same day diagnostics and 24/7 emergency service available in our state of the art in-house Labs on 117 Ormeau Road. We are open on Saturday and Sundays by appointment. Get in touch now @ 028 9543 8520 (Belfast Lab)

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