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Rent or Hire a hard Drive Crusher today from us for your business to be GDPR compliant when it comes to digital data destruction in your business in Northern Ireland. A hard drive crusher destroys the enclosure, but most importantly bends the disks. Even a small amount of bend prevents the read/write heads from ever "flying" over the surface of the media without gouging. It would be impossible to flatten them so perfectly that they could ever be spun and read again. Some drives have glass disks which shatter.

You can rent for a day or up to a week. Please contact us for more information.

Adjustable plunger to accommodate standard 1 inch and laptop drives, and a second position to accommodate thicker high-profile drives sometimes used in servers.

Includes a handle latch and padded grip for easy portability.

The Disk Crusher is made of thick steel bar, welded and heavy duty. We recommend this tool if your business wants to be GDPR compliant for end of life data destruction. The crusher is operated manually and gives your IT department the chance to get some exercise as well. Operation is quite and doesn’t make a mess. We tried drilling before but the metal debris was a nightmare and it was everywhere.


  • Destroys Desktop, Laptop, Server drives
  • Destroys Tablets and Mobile Phones
  • Special non-jamming design
  • No sharpening required
  • No parts to replace
  • No electricity required
  • Least expensive on the market
  • Folds drives in either direction
  • Heavy Duty construction
  • Portable, stores on shelf
  • One person can crush 9 drives/minute!

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Rent | Hire | Hard Disk Drive | Crusher | Belfast | Northern Ireland

  • Product Code: Rent | Hire | Hard Drive | Crusher | Belfast | Northern Ireland
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